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Seek out the exotic, ancient and modern faces of the world. Know the variety in culture, customs and languages of people of faraway lands. Bask, have fun on sun kissed beaches and get adrenalin rush with adventure sports. Taste the delights of different cuisines, take in the local sights and sounds, buy some souvenirs for dear ones back home. In short enjoy.

Geo’ s V/P/L Tours and Travels based in picturesque Kochi in the southernmost state of Kerala in India makes it possible with least hassles. Just tell us where you want to go and we take care of the rest, tickets, tour packages, accommodation, guides, pick and drop and more. So, pack your bags and EXPLORE.

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The gift of ancient India to the modern world, Ayurveda traces its history to 3000BC. A system of medicine that understands the human body as a whole and treats it according to the five doshas or humours, Ayurveda uses herbs, oil massages and baths, and diet regimen as treatment methods.

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